We are facing a new era, a time that looks in detail at what surrounds us, the processes, the balance during them, and of course the results. But it does not end there, it also looks at what happens afterwards, in the consequences that these processes have. All this we like because it is the philosophy that we have followed from the first day.

We are talking about slow movements, which are not only presented in the food sector, they have also become fashionable.

What is this?

In other words we are talking about sustainable fashion and we would like to tell you what we do to contribute our bit to this cause.

Sustainable fashion is understood to educate on the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment and the depletion of resources, seeks to slow down the supply chain by reducing the number of trends and seasons, promote quality and return a greater value to the garments modifying the disposable image that fashion has.

In addition all this type of slow movements also seek not to forget the rights of workers, try to prevent pollution and conserve natural resources among other things.

What we do to contribute?

  1. We try to use natural materials without mixing whenever possible, and if it is not we try that synthetic materials are present in a low percentage that provides durability and avoids being an excess pollutant: wool, cotton, linen …
  2. We make new designs but within a timeless line, so that stores are not forced to discard what is left of other seasons, so that we understand each other, that we can combine the new with the old giving a long life to all the garments of all seasons.
  3. We work with people from our community and the closest environment, both in our facilities, where manufacturing is carried out, and in the remaining processes carried out abroad, such as in the case of clothing. At present our products are manufactured from start to finish in Galicia.
  4. We avoid mass production, we like to produce different and unique designs, with slow and careful processes, avoiding the “more of the same” and the throwaway image that nowadays exists in the fashion industry.

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