Linen has become very fashionable in recent times, both for its natural appearance and its magnificent results.

For us, the manufacturers, it is an essential material in summer collections, and in our garments we have introduced it in 15 – 20% together with other materials to make a perfect combination.

Where does the linen come from?

Linen is a very important plant for the textile industry since one of the most known fabrics in the world is manufactured from its fibers. Already cultivated and spun from Ancient Egypt, linen is a fiber of great importance and renown throughout the world. The linen fabric is considered as a luxurious fabric, as well as comfortable and elegant. Its cultivation, as well as the production process of the fiber, is very expensive, which means that it has a high cost. To solve this problem, flax fiber mixed with other fibers such as cotton and viscose is produced, without losing its characteristics.

Why is it so suitable for hot weather?

Linen has heat conduction properties that allow the heat to be dispersed from the body. In addition to properties of good absorbency, it has a fast drying characteristic. This combination makes linen a comfortable and suitable material for the hottest times of the year. It also allows the garments to retain their shape by making them resistant to daily use thanks to the durability provided.

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